The NSW Road Traffic Authority…

Here’s a little (…ahem…) 8 minute rant about the New South Wales RTA. And pricks who like to steal number plates off cars.

Fuckin assholes… (the thieves and the RTA…)



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3 responses to “The NSW Road Traffic Authority…

  1. vetti

    mebbe your plate thieves get a finder’s fee from the rta – or is that just my cynical mind at work?

  2. It wouldn’t suprise me in the least- And a cynical mind is a great thing to have.

  3. uncle pervy

    Dear Gruntski,

    You are surely a wise sole.
    I was particularly interested in your thesis on the ‘indication of an average Australian dirver’ …… most enlightening …..
    and your musings of a failing bureaucracy in ‘the NSW traffic authority’.
    In your next moment of clarity I would be interested in hearing a dissertation on the effects of Transupstantiation and the true presence (or not) of Christ in the Eucharist – Canon IV of the Council of Trent – and the effects of such canon upon the average Roman Catholic.
    I look forward to your consideration of this (and other) important matters in time to come.
    Oooooh …. and just to add to the discussion, could you perform it naked …

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