Indications are….

…that there are too many people who have no idea what indicators/turn signals on cars are for.




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7 responses to “Indications are….

  1. Haha. I don’t think some people have a common sense, actually. Or they’ve managed to unlearn how to use their brain.

    Off to bed now. Good night!

  2. vetti

    yeh – common sense isn’t as common as it should be…i walk a lot, and am ‘nearly’ run over quite often 😦

  3. Common sense, by definition, is supposed to be common.

    I mean, it’s not too hard to realise that if you are changing the direction of your car; you should let people know. Yet general laziness/selfishness tends to be the norm.

  4. Wasn’t there another video here before? Did you moderate yourself, gruntski? Are you growing soft like cotton candy?

    Good night, friend. I’m off to bed now. Smiling.

  5. gruntski

    Yup- I’m a wuss… Soft as camembert that has been left in the sun all day long…

  6. uncle pervy

    I love your site Gruntski, but I think that it would be greatly improved with the inclusion of some gratuitous nudity …. yest that’s right I would like to suggest that you post some naked pictures of your self, perhaps having sexual relations with your favourite horse…. giddy-up-there-boy

  7. Sorry, Uncle Pervy, but I always forget to take the camera with me…

    Next time..

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