The NSW Road Traffic Authority…

Here’s a little (…ahem…) 8 minute rant about the New South Wales RTA. And pricks who like to steal number plates off cars.

Fuckin assholes… (the thieves and the RTA…)


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Indications are….

…that there are too many people who have no idea what indicators/turn signals on cars are for.



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Why Banks upset me…

Not only do the banks in Australia have the highest rates in the developed world for charges, fees and associated costs (making them horrendously profitable), they seem to attract the worst kind of people.

 That’s right; Customers.

Selfish customers.

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Hi all,

 this site is dedicated to my own brand of Angriness. Mainly cos my other site wasn’t based on angriness at all, just the odd complaint. So I figured I’d better start up one dedicated to my temper.


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